Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chapter Books

So I go into our handy neighborhood K-mart to buy a birthday gift for a coworker. After wandering around aimlessly for a while I settle on a nice candle set and then proceed to the important stuff - books. I don't shop at K-mart often and in the mad rush to put out Christmas items, they have moved the book aisle.

Since my husband is waiting patiently in the car I decide to save some time and ask where the books are so that I don't have to do another lap or two of the store. I find a nice helpful young man and ask, "Could you tell me where the paperback books are, please?" His response is a blank look and, "Explain that to me, please." Very politely I might add. I say, "You know, books. books that you read. Novels." The light bulb went on in his head and he replies, "OH, you mean chapter books," and points the way.

So the moral of this story is that if you are ever in K-mart and would like something to read, ask for the "chapter books" section, not the "paperback book section"

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