Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas 2010

A Santa Story...

One little girl in my pre-k class recently had her two front teeth removed at the dentist.  At our class Christmas party, Santa came and after a photo op., he took time to talk to each boy and girl about what they wanted for Christmas.  When this particular girl sat on his lap his first words were, "I'll bet  I know what you want for Christmas.  You want your two front teeth!"  She replied, "Nuh Uh, I want a horse."  HaHaHaHa

I took each child's picture with Santa to make an ornament for their parents.  Several children were not so sure about sitting on the Jolly Old Man's lap but I encouraged each one that was afraid, to just come and stand next to Santa for the picture.  Some of the moms and dads were amazed that I was able to get their child to stand there or even to let Santa touch them (handshake or put his arm around them).  I was able to get all but one to take the picture.  For some, it is the first Santa picture they have of their child.

Twas the night before Christmas and....
  • It's SNOWING!!
  • I finished my last day at work and am ready to enjoy a few days off
  • the presents are wrapped and under the tree
  • The wrapping supplies are tucked away
  • the groceries are purchased and waiting for me
  • Two pans of fudge are almost gone
  • I'm going to make one more pan and that is it!
  • Hubby and I will spend a quiet Christmas eve here together
  • tomorrow, we will open gifts with Daughter and her boyfriend
  • have cinnamon rolls for breakfast
  • head out to the Christmas celebrations
I hope every one has a wonderful Christmas.