Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baby Time

Tomorrow is induction day for my new grandson. I will be leaving after work tomorrow to go to the hospital. Next post should be a picture post early next week when I get home.

Friday, September 26, 2008


I think I am addicted to magazines. I subscribe to:
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Redbook
  • Ladies Home Journal
  • More
  • Guideposts
  • Discover
  • Readers Digest
  • Grand (? something like that, It's a mag for grandparents)
  • Plus, I get a couple of monthly magazines from work.

So, I get all these magazines every month. They come in the mail and then I stuff them in a drawer of the end table, and there they sit. They sit there until I can't stuff another magazine in the drawer. Then I decide I need to read them. So, I drag them all out and sort them by month. I have to read the oldest ones first. I don't know why? But that is the way I do it.

Then I have a magazine marathon. I will read nothing but magazines for several days until I have a big recycle pile. I never seem to get completely caught up. There is always a month or two in the drawer.

I keep thinking that when the renewal comes up that I'll let a few go. But then they send me the last chance price and it is usually too good to pass up. I think I got More and Readers Digest for $5 a year, and Redbook for $8. So, I renew for another year and the cycle continues.

Do you think I have a problem? Does anyone else read like me or do you read each magazine when it comes and promptly recycle it?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Family Tree - and other projects

For Christmas,(9 months ago!!!) my son and daughter-in-law got me a very pretty family tree. It spirals around and has lots of charms hanging from it to put family pictures in. Now, every time my son comes over he complains that it is STILL full of strangers.

I love this tree and can't wait to have it full of pictures of my growing family. I just can't seem to get started on it. I have started a folder on the computer with some of the pictures, but they are not edited or printed. I kept saying I was waiting to get the new computer and photoshop elements to help me out. Well, those have been in my computer desk for about 2 months now, and still no progress.

I have other projects on my list that are not progressing also. My new grandson could be here any day now. I want to make a photo album for his parents that includes baby/childhood photos of all of the close family members. I have been planning this since I found out he was comming. That project is still firmly planted in my mind but not even started.

Then there is my dad's book. He is writing a book that we are all excited to see in print. He is plannng to self publish and goal is to have it back from the printers in time for the family reunion in June. I am the editor/typist. I am really enjoying reading the stories but the typing is going pretty slowly. I really need to get going and finish typing what I have here in the house.

Add to all that the housework that needs done, and the cooking that I haven't been doing and I wonder what I do all day. I really need to sit down and prioritize my projects and make a commitment to getting them done. I have promised to have the family tree done before this Chrismas. Dad's book needs to be done ASAP. And the baby's book probably needs to be finished by next weekend.

I also want to start cooking more often. We eat out too much and I want us to eat healthier and to save money. I need to start planning meals for us.

And I would really like to do more blogging. I am still trying to figure out what to write about most days. I don't have any readers yet but I don't want to bore people when they do come here.

I hope by typing this all out where I can see it, that I will get motivated to get things done around here. I'll let you know how it goes.