Friday, February 19, 2010


Happy Friday.  I can't wait for this weekend.  I have so much stuff to do and I need days off work to do them.
  1. I have books to read.  One of them is due at the library today and I'm only half way through it.  I have already renewed it and don't know if I want to try to finish or not.  So there will be a trip to the library in the plans for tonight and guess what?  More books to read.
  2. DVR - oh my goodness, I can't catch up.  In addition to the Olympics (Why do they have to go until 11 at night? Don't they know I have a job and can't stay up that late?)  I am way behind on everything else.  I need days to catch up but the shows keep comming and making me further behind.
  3. Wii - We spent last weekend at some friends' house and played lots and lots of Wii.  I just had to have one.  I have never really desired one before or thought that the money spend was justified.  But after having so much fun last weekend I kind of changed my mind.  So.... off I went to the store and purchased it.  It is currently still in the box, waiting for the weekend so we have time to set it up and play. 
  4. Wii and DVR operate on the same television set.  Somehow I am concerned that one might cancel out the other and then I'll still be behind on the DVR.
  5. Laundry - enough said.
  6. Grocery shopping - ditto
  7. Clean this disaster of a house
  8. taxes need to be ready for the accountant
  9. etc, etc, etc
I think I'll need some days off to recover from the weekend. 

PS.  What happended to the spell check???  It seems to have disappeared.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Debit

Last night hubby and I went to Captain D's for dinner. He had a birthday coupon that was about to expire and we cannot pass up a free meal. On the way out the door, I suggested that we drive my car as it was almost on empty and snow is predicted. After paying $6.24 in cash for our dinners and eating them in the dining room, we drove to the gas station for the required fill up.

This particular station is at a grocery store where they give you cents off per gallon for spending certain amounts on groceries. I had a coupon for six cents off per gallon so I had to get out of the car and work the machine since my hubby didn't have his glasses. (likely excuse!) Did I mention that it was approximately 19 degrees outside?

Anyway, I scan my coupon and then am prompted to insert my debit/credit card for payment. The screen flashes "Card Expired" at me. I look at the card and sure enough, it expired last month. I have two checking accounts at different banks and I knew the other card was expired and remembered getting the new one in the mail. But did I have it activated? No.

I started to freak out a little bit. I always use that debit card for everything. I never carry the checkbook. I couldn't figure out why the bank didn't send me one. I was thinking that I had to call the bank the next day and it would take weeks to get a new card and what would I do in the meantime? Luckily, hubby pulled out a credit card and took care of the gas payment for me. I am so glad I took him and wasn't at the station alone, 14 miles from empty and no card to buy the gas.

Hubby kept saying he thought we received the replacement card but I couldn't remember it. I remembered getting the card on the other account and a replacement credit card but not the one for the account that I use all the time. When we arrived back at home, I searched all the mail for the last two/three months and finally found the card. I don't know how I can't recall every seeing it before but I am so thankful that it is here.

Morals of the story: Always keep track of expiration dates on all of your cards and always take your hubby with you to pay for the gas.