Thursday, August 13, 2009

Hi-ho, hi-ho, It's back to work I go...

Today is the first day of school. I am excited to see kids again and have people to talk too. I'm pretty happy about my schedule this year. I am not excited about how tired I'll be at the end of each day for a while. After-school naps will be resuming today.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Summer winding down

I go back to work next week. There will be lots of changes to the program and new students to get used to. I look forward to it as I mourn the end of the summer break.

We had a nice summer. Trips to Mississippi and Georgia and a weekend in Branson, MO. Lots of birthdays and hubby and my 3rd anniversary. Lots of time with family. Many, many, many library books were read. I would say success for the summer although there is a long list of projects that didn't get started, let alone finished. There wasn't money in the budget for many of the home improvement projects that we wanted to do. But we relaxed and enjoyed each other and didn't stress too much about things.

Along with school starting will be the resuming of paychecks for me and that will be very welcome. Hubby's business has been slow this summer and we spent a lot of time at home, not shopping and going like we would have liked.

The much hoped for weight loss didn't happen this summer. Actually it went the wrong way by a few pounds. I am hopeful that the activity from work and less time to snack will reverse that trend.

So I will spend the next few days trying to clean the house in expectation of being too tired to do it for a few days. I will stock up on groceries including easy dinners to make and things with which to brown bag my lunches. I will try to squeeze in a couple more books and catch up on the magazines that are stacked up. Hubby and I will determine if we can sqeeze out the funds for one last trip that means a lot to my step-daughter. And I will mentally prepare myself for back-to-school and the joys and tribulations that come along with that.