Saturday, July 19, 2008

Wedding stuff

Went to pick up the flower girl dress for my granddaughter today. She was not with me when I bought it. They only had one size left of the dress my son and his bride picked out and I was not sure it was the right one. The dress needed to be cleaned so I had to leave it there that day. I had my granddaughter's mom bring her to the store today so I could pick up the dress and try it on her. We met at the Dollar Tree next door and she picked out some stuffed mermaids that she wanted me to buy her. Then we went to the bridal store to try on the dress. It fit very well. Just slightly too long but that can't be helped. The wedding is next weekend and there is no time for alterations. She calls it her "Princess Dress". Then we went to Sears to buy shoes to go with it. They didn't have much to pick from but we got a pair that will do. After the shopping we went to the car. She got in my truck and wanted to go home with me. I finally got her out of the truck and into her car. I wish I could have kept her but the drive is too long to make an extra trip to take her home. She wanted me to take one of the mermaids to my house but I told her she could bring them with her the next time she comes. That will be the day of the rehearsal.

We decided on pizza for the rehearsal dinner. I will buy some salad and drinks to go with it. Probably I'll get some cookies or brownies too. I still have to get my daughter's birthday present. The wedding is on her birthday. So I'll have to hit the stores one more time this comming week.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Home again

We are back from Ireland!!! It was amazing. We saw lots of beautiful scenery, kissed the Blarney Stone, stood on the edge of the Cliffs of Moher, took a boat and jaunting car trip through the Gap of Dunloe, walked in the icy water on a beach on the Dingle Peninsula, toured the Waterford Crystal Factory and had many other great adventures. Hubby and I took hundreds of pictures that I have to sort through and condense into a manageable album to share with friends and family.

In other news, yesterday was the bridal shower for my new Daughter-in-law. It was a very nice shower and they received lots of very nice presents. Her aunts did a great job with the food and her mom made the cake. It was beautiful and delicious. The wedding is in a couple of weeks. I am having a hard time finding something to wear, but am confident that it will work itself out.