Friday, July 3, 2009

Reading A to Z

*Updated August 1, 2009. New additions are in red. Sorry they aren't linked. I'll try to do that next time I update.

I found an A to Z reading challenge on My Round File that I wanted to try. It is too late in the year to join the official challenge but I decided to do it on my own for this year and join officially next year. I went back into my library reading log and used only books that I have checked out and read since January 1, 2009. Here is where I am so far:

A An Accomplished Woman - Jude Morgan
B Building a Home with my Husband - Rachel Simon
C Cooking and Screaming - Adrienne Kane
D The Duggars: 20 and Counting
E Every Good and Perfect Gift
F The Forgotten Garden - Kate Morton
G Galway Bay - Mary Pat Kelly
H Home Safe - Elizabeth Berg
I It Sucked and then I Cried - Heather B. Armstrong
J Just when I thought I'd Dropped my Last Egg - Kathie Lee Gifford
L Lessons in Heartbreak - Cathy Kelly
M Miss Harper Can Do It - Jane Berentson
O One for the Money - Janet Evanovich
P A Proper Education for Girls - Elaine di Rolla
Q The Quilter's Apprentice
R Reunion - Therese Fowler
S Shifting Fog - Kate Morton
W Where the Heart Leads - Kim Vogel Sawyer

Not too bad since I didn't know I was doing this challenge at the time. LOL I have ready many other books that duplicated some letters. If I had started this earlier I would have been almost finished.

I have a trip to the library planned for this afternoon. I won't restrict myself to books that I need for this challenge but I do hope to find some good ones that fit.