Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

I have a full week under my belt at work and things are getting back into a routine. I am waking up without the alarm and I have been having a little time to wake up with blog reading every morning with a glass of iced tea and some cereal. Then I get ready and out the door.

Work has been going good and I've not been too tired when I get home. Except on Friday, I was worn out. I think that was just because it was Friday. LOL

I'm just spending a quiet weekend at home. The weather is nice and I am reading a paperback and browsing books on photoshop elements. I purchased elements along with a new computer recently and I haven't played with it too much yet. I have books from the library that are due soon, so I need to get busy reading them.

I think the back to school funk is over. Thank goodness.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

In a back-to-school funk

I start back to work on Wednesday. I work in a school and I do really like my job. I just don't want to work. I don't like to get up early to go somewhere. I like to get up early and spend hours on the computer. I don't like coming home exhausted and having to figure out what is for dinner when I'd rather take a nap. I don't like having to go to bed "early" so I can get up in time to surf the web and get ready for school.

And then there is the feeling of guilt that I didn't DO enough this summer. We went to Ireland, got my son married, and organized millions of pictures. I got a new computer and I almost have everything moved off of my daughters computer. But, I didn't deep clean the house, finish the pictures, visit everyone I wanted to, or a hundred other things from the mental list that keeps haunting me.

I just have the blahs and I don't know how to get out of it.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wedding Weekend

Here is my son, my new daughter-in-law and my granddaughter

These are my four granddaughters

These are my kids

The wedding was beautiful. Everything was very nice. My granddaughter did a great job with the flower girl thing. All of my kids and grands were there. We did a group photo but haven't gotten it back from the photographer yet. I hope it is good. A couple of days later everyone who could came to my house to spend the night. That was fun to have them all here. The next day we went to St. Louis and went to the zoo and the arch.

Here is all of us except my son who took the picture.

After the zoo we all went up in the St. Louis Arch. They all had a great time doing that too. Later that day everyone went home and we had some time to relax. It was a great weekend and so nice to have everyone at the wedding.