Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Debit

Last night hubby and I went to Captain D's for dinner. He had a birthday coupon that was about to expire and we cannot pass up a free meal. On the way out the door, I suggested that we drive my car as it was almost on empty and snow is predicted. After paying $6.24 in cash for our dinners and eating them in the dining room, we drove to the gas station for the required fill up.

This particular station is at a grocery store where they give you cents off per gallon for spending certain amounts on groceries. I had a coupon for six cents off per gallon so I had to get out of the car and work the machine since my hubby didn't have his glasses. (likely excuse!) Did I mention that it was approximately 19 degrees outside?

Anyway, I scan my coupon and then am prompted to insert my debit/credit card for payment. The screen flashes "Card Expired" at me. I look at the card and sure enough, it expired last month. I have two checking accounts at different banks and I knew the other card was expired and remembered getting the new one in the mail. But did I have it activated? No.

I started to freak out a little bit. I always use that debit card for everything. I never carry the checkbook. I couldn't figure out why the bank didn't send me one. I was thinking that I had to call the bank the next day and it would take weeks to get a new card and what would I do in the meantime? Luckily, hubby pulled out a credit card and took care of the gas payment for me. I am so glad I took him and wasn't at the station alone, 14 miles from empty and no card to buy the gas.

Hubby kept saying he thought we received the replacement card but I couldn't remember it. I remembered getting the card on the other account and a replacement credit card but not the one for the account that I use all the time. When we arrived back at home, I searched all the mail for the last two/three months and finally found the card. I don't know how I can't recall every seeing it before but I am so thankful that it is here.

Morals of the story: Always keep track of expiration dates on all of your cards and always take your hubby with you to pay for the gas.

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