Tuesday, May 24, 2011

What's on your nightstand ~ May

What's on Your Nightstand is a monthly carnival at 5 Minutes for Books.

Here is what is going on at my house as far as books....

The Land of Painted Caves: A Novel (Earth's Children)I finished reading Jane Auel's Land of Painted Caves this month.  It is the 6th and last book in her Earth's Children series.  The first book was Clan of the Cave Bear.  This book has been a long time coming.  The first book in the series was published in 1980.  I have read all of the other books but it had been a really long time so I went back and re-read books 4 and 5, and then read the new one.  I read then one after another and I think that was a mistake.  I have always enjoyed the books very much but I was really disappointed in this last one.  It seemed to drag on and really didn't have as much of a plot as the previous ones.  These are huge thick books and I think I might have enjoyed it more if I had taken a break between books.

In other book news,  I am thoroughly enjoying my Kindle.  I have downloaded over 100 free books and have read a handful.  Several are short and don't take very long.  I love that you turn it on and it is at the page you left off.  No losing your place when your grandson pulls out your bookmark.  It is easy to put in my purse or lunch box for those few minutes I manage to steal for reading at work or the waiting room, etc.

I did take a break the other day and read a few magazines that are starting to pile up again.  Several months ago I did a nightstand post about my magazine problem.  I have let several subscriptions expire but my drawer was getting full again.  I made a small dent in the pile.

I am looking forward to school being out next week so I can delve deeper into the Kindle list and hopefully clean out that magazine drawer.



Kara said...

Don't you love your Kindle?! I finally got mine about 2 months ago and I'm loving it!

Cassandra said...

Yay for free books! I hope you have a great reading month!

bekahcubed said...

I can totally identify with reading a whole series one after another and then ending up somewhat disillusioned. Doing it that way does seem to magnify an author's faults (since the one instance is fresh in your mind when the next one arrives.)

I used to do a lot of "book binging", where I'd read a whole series in one fell swoop. Now, I'm more varied in my reading--which means I can enjoy those not-exactly-fantastic-if-I-had-to-read-a-dozen-just-like-it-but-good-in-smaller-doses books.

Trish said...

That's a bummer about the Jane Auel book - I hate it when a series I really enjoy fizzles out like that.

Enjoy your Kindle!

nightstand said...

These books are great!