Saturday, May 28, 2011

Let the summer begin!

School is out!!!!

Yesterday I worked my last day of the school year.  Actually, I worked a couple of more days than the school year required but I was asked to help with an extra project and that made up for a couple of snow days from earlier in the year.

I will be spending this holiday weekend catching up on some cleaning, shopping and relaxing.  Also there will be a couple of trips to the airport.  Wednesday we dropped a relative off at the airport.  Today we drop another relative off there.  Then on Monday and next Saturday will will pick up the returning travelers. I wish I was going on one of those trips.

Next week I also get to spend some time with this guy while his parents go have some fun.

I am looking forward to seeing him.  He will keep us busy and tired for a couple of days.  He loves to play with his motorcycles and the guys that ride them.  He also loves to take rides on our 4 wheeler with Grandpa.  There will probably be a couple of trips to the park.  I hope there will be a few naps too.

More summer plans include a family reunion, a 4 wheeler ride, a trip to visit my daughter and her family and hopefully a lot of time on the back porch with my kindle.  There are also some projects that I hope hubby and I get started.   Summer always seems to go so fast and I never get everything finished that I want to do. 

Let the games begin!!


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