Saturday, March 26, 2011

And the winner is.....


I had decided to buy the Kindle ereader but the hard part was deciding whether to spend the extra money to get 3G or to just get the wi-fi version.  I don't have wi-fi in my house so that played a part in the decision.

I went to one store, I went to another store.  I knew I wanted a Kindle but I couldn't make up my mind.  3G or not.  I looked at wireless routers for our home computer.  It would cost a little more but would the benefits outweigh the cost? I couldn't decide. I came home empty handed.

I discussed it with my husband.  Now, this husband of mine is not a big spender.  He can easily pass up things he wants if he thinks the price is too high.  I was not expecting him to tell me to spend the extra money.  But, he did.  He encouraged me to buy the more expensive 3G one because it made more sense.  We really don't have a need for a wireless router at this time.

So the next day we stopped and made the purchase.  I love it!!!!  I'm glad I went the the 3G but if you have wireless at home you probably don't really need to spend the extra money.  I have had the Kindle for a couple of weeks now and so far I have only downloaded free books.  There are tons of free books in all genres.  I only download ones that I really think I will enjoy and I have probably got 40 on my Kindle already.  I have read 4 books and it is great. 

I subscribed to an email newsletter called Pixel of Ink that keeps me updated on free and bargain books.  I get an email every day or so with the latest free releases for the Kindle.  They also list books that are $1.99 or less.  They are not always books that I am interested in but sometimes they are and I have a new book or two on my list.

I am looking forward to warm weather so I can sit on the deck with my Kindle and loose myself in a good book.


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