Saturday, March 5, 2011

Happy Blogoversary to me!!!!

Well, here begins year three.  I had hoped to write a wonderful anniversary post but life got in the way.

Year two was lots of books.  I was successful in completing the book challenge I signed up for.  There were also lots of family photos.  I missed October and August but managed a post or two every other month.

Had the craziest day ever yesterday at work.  There was broken glass, lots of sweeping, an aide's big fall, accident report to fill out, vomit, bus issues, and traffic issues.

After work was a long drive for a funeral visitation, hours of sitting in funeral home chairs, late dinner at Applebee's and a long drive home in the pouring rain.

Today includes a baby shower for a great friend and hopefully some shopping afterward. 

I hope to post in every month this year and hopefully more frequently. 


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