Saturday, January 16, 2010

Three holidays in one post...

Yeah, well.... January 16 and I haven't written since November. I guess I just haven't figured out yet how to be a blogger. My kids are grown and my grandkids don't live close so they don't give me daily blog topics. I just don't know the direction that this blog should go. I want to write, I just don't know what.

Anyway, catching up. Thanksgiving was great. All of the family went to my brother's house and had a great meal, eating too much. My dad unveiled his annual ornament. He carves an ornament for each member of the family every year. This time it is a mouse. You can see the previous years' ornaments here.

So, December. December was a whirlwind of working, shopping, baking, etc. I did get all of the shopping done in record time and only had to wrap a couple of gifts on Christmas morning. Sometime during the month, I took two of my granddaughters to see the Princess and the Frog movie. It was fun and we only had to go to the bathroom FOUR times. LOL They fought like sisters in the car but were great in the movie. After the movie I managed to get them both to stand and smile for this picture. That was an amazing feat!

For Christmas we again went to my brother's house and ate too much, had a shower of wrapping paper as everyone opened their gifts at the same time, and enjoyed watching the little ones play. We claim to have had a white Christmas as this picture shows.

That brings us to New Year's. My son and his family spent the eve with us. They brought the Wii and we played bowling after the kiddos went to bed. One of them decided to get back up to watch the ball drop.

We spent New Year's Day working out on Wii fit, going to a nice lunch at Applebee's, and hanging out at home.

January. Went back to work. Worked 3 days and then had a nice snow that closed school for two days. I did enjoy those snow days. There were many days of frigid temps and I stayed home (and in my jammies) as much as possible.

No New Year's Resolutions here. I never keep them and rarely make them. I do always think about exercise and shaping up in January and I often try to get started. Hopefully this will be the year that it sticks.

Posts coming up ...... Kids and grandkids visiting from out of state, update of my A to Z reading challenge, a new reading challenge for this year and whatever else I can think of to write about.

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Just Mom said...

It's hard to find time to blog during the holidays - sounds like you were too busy having fun!