Monday, January 18, 2010

Reading Challenges

Last July I decided to commit myself to an A to Z reading challenge. You can read my post here. I was supposed to finish it before the end of the 2009. FAIL. I kind of lost interest in reading for a while last fall and really haven't gotten my reading habit back to normal. I haven't updated that list since August and honestly I doubt if any of the handful of books I have read since then fit into the remaining letters. So, I am recommitting myself to that challenge today. I will finish, hopefully by summer.

In addition, I have found another reading challenge that I'd like to try. You can read about it here.

Although my desire is to join as "Super-size me," Realistically I am going to commit to "Just My Size." I love to go to the library and I usually read about 4 to 6 books every two weeks in the summer. I am optimistic that my slump will be over by then. I plan to incorportate the remaining A to Z books into this challenge also so I can complete both challenges at once.

Wish me luck.

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