Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I did between 3:30 and 6:30 (in bullets)

  • got off work
  • went to my car
  • car failed to start
  • called husband
  • went back into work to wait for husband
  • chatted with coworkers
  • went outside to greet husband
  • watched husband test battery
  • battery dead
  • watched husband jump battery
  • drove to w@l m@rt with fingers crossed
  • pulled up to service center
  • left husband to buy battery
  • went to phamacy
  • bought two new meds to replace the one med that insurance won't pay for ($37.00 copay as opposed to $25)
  • went back to service center
  • saw car still sitting in parking lot; battery not changed
  • went to w@l m@rt Subway and ate pizza (yummy!)
  • went back to service center
  • car still not moved
  • stood around for 1 1/2 hours waiting for battery to be changed
  • paid for new battery that only took 10 minutes to change and 2 hours of waiting
  • drove home.
  • set radio station and clock in car
  • noticed that gutters needed cleaned out
  • carried lunch box and jacket inside
  • informed husband that rain is in the forcast and gutters need cleaned
  • checked facebook
  • checked blogs
  • checked email
  • checked facebook again
  • swept nasty gutter gunk off the front deck
I am wiped out!  So glad that we ate at Subway and I don't have to cook.

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