Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Little Tree that Could

Spring is my second favorite season.  Fall is my first.  But right now I am in awe of the wonderful spring we are having.  Everything is turning green and we have been having beautiful weather for the last week or so.  I love it!

We moved here about 4 1/2 years ago.  It was late fall and the yard was so overgrown and neglected that we really didn't know what was here in the way of plants.  I have since discovered Easter Lillies, hostas, a miniature rose bush, peonies and several other plants that I don't know the names for.

Then there was this tiny little tree.  We thought it might be a red bud tree but weren't sure.  It was only about 2 foot tall.  Each summer it has leaved out and grown just slightly but it never bloomed.  Until now.  Yesterday my husband was mowing the yard and told me that our little tree has finally grown up.  It is still only about 4 foot tall and pretty scrawny but it gave us our first blooms at last.

I really don't know much about plants and do not claim to have a green thumb so I don't know if it is common for trees like this to take years to have blooms but I am so happy to see them.

I hope the rest of my plants make me as happy as this little tree this spring.

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Marcy of The Glamorous Life said...

I have a little tree that could as well. But it looks like mine might not make it this year!

Fingers crossed for yours!