Thursday, May 13, 2010


With state funding cuts and lack of payments, my school district has made the decision to eliminate the program I work in.  I have known this for several months.  After surviving two rounds of layoffs I am secure in the fact that I have a job for next year.  Yesterday I finally learned where it will be.  I haven't been notified of the exact position but I do know that I will be working in another building than the one I have worked in for the last four years. 

I never wanted to leave my current position but I know that it is inevitable and I'm ok with that.  I am very sad to leave my coworkers though.  We have a team that works so well with each other.  We are all friends and we love our jobs.  It is very sad that we will all be separated by circumstances beyond our control. 

I have no doubts that I will like my new position in the new building.  I know I will make new friends among the coworkers there.  I will be fine. 

But I am very sad.  There are only a few more days with my current class of kids and only a couple of more days than that to work with those wonderful women.  None of them will be going to the new building with me.  Not one.  I will only know one person there and she will be new like me.  I won't know where the bathroom or the break room are, or the best place to park.  I know I'll be ok but I am just very, very sad.

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