Saturday, October 18, 2008

MORE magazines

I am at my son's house for the weekend, helping out with the baby and the house while my daughter-in-law recovers from an illness. I am enjoying cuddling my 2 week old grandson very much.

I brought a pile of magazines with me to read in the down time. See this post about my magazine issues. I am currently reading the September issues of all the magazines on my list. Not too bad until you consider that the November issues are arriving as we speak. Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that I can downsize my collection by one. I have not subscribed to MORE for very long. I liked the idea that it was geared to the over 40 woman. But upon reading the July/August issue yesterday, I just don't think it is the magazine for me. I didn't enjoy many of the articles. Mostly I skimmed them for interesting tidbits. The fashion pages were full of very pricy items. Who can afford $2,700 for a handbag? So the verdict is in, and MORE is on it's way out.

Edited to add that I will also not be renewing my subscription to Discover. It is probably a fine magazine. I got it because I thought my husband might like it. He never picks them up. I occasionally thumb through them but I have so many other magazines that I like that I can't keep up with. So Discover is also on it's way out.

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