Tuesday, October 21, 2008

CLR Bath & Kitchen Cleaner

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

I recieved my bottle of CLR Bath and Kitchen cleaner in the mail one afternoon. I took it out of the box and showed it to my curious husband. He was happy to see it as he had been interested in trying CLR and had never had the chance. Before I had time to take any before pictures of the bathtub that I was planning to try it out on, he was in there with the CLR and a sponge. Our bathtub had a lot of what I thought was stains in it. I would clean it with scrubbing bubbles and it never seemed to come clean. The CLR worked much better. He scrubbed it two different times and it was whiter than we have ever seen it. (We have lived in this old house for 3 years.) It cut through very old water stains. We are very happy with the results. I will definately keep CLR Bath and Kitchen cleaner around to keep that bathtub clean and shiny.

Anyway, I had to find a new project so I could try out the CLR. We have this ancient utility sink in the basement. We don't use it for anything but to drain our washer. I have been thinking about cleaning it up since we moved in but it was way down a long list of priorities. So, I took the CLR down there and went to work. Here is the before.

This sink has dirt, grime, rust, paint, and many unknown things in it. It has not been scrubbed in years but does have water running through it daily.

Here is the after.

This may not look like a good commercial for CLR Bath and Kitchen cleaner but I think it is. It took off way more than I thought was possible. I only had time to scrub it once and I didn't exert too much energy. Some of the spots are paint and will need to be scraped off. But lots of the rust is gone and all of the scum.

I highly recommend the CLR Bath and Kitchen cleaner. I think it works great.


Susie said...

Great tackle and great review:-)

Mary said...

This sounds like a product I need to try out. Thanks for the review and recommendation.

By the way, how did you receive it in the mail???

Tina said...

It was on the 5 minutes for mom website a few weeks ago. You can follow the link by clicking on the Tackle it Tuesday icon. They wanted people to try it out and review it on their blogs. The company sent everyone that signed up a full size bottle to try out.