Saturday, January 1, 2011


First post of the new year.  No resolutions here but I would like to post more often this year.

We had a great New Year's Eve.  Daughter and her boyfriend came over and also some good friends of ours.  We played Wii golf, guess who and a new game I got for Christmas, Phase 10 Twist.  It is a lot like the card game but with some twists that make it even more fun.  I hadn't got to play it until now because we didn't have enough people but it was really fun last night.  We ended up staying up until 3 am. 

Our friends spent the night so we got up and had breakfast and more laughs before they went on their way.  Hubby and I plan to spend a quiet day at home with a couple of naps on the agenda.

In other news, I read my last book of 2010.  The Christmas Secret by Donna VanLiere was a nice little Christmas story.  It was kind of predictable and a little over the top.  But it was nice and Christmassy and I enjoyed it.

The first book of 2011 is The Cinderella Pact by Sarah Strohmeyer.  I actually started it a couple days ago but will finish in 2011 so I'm counting it for the new year.

Also on the pile are Bad Girl Creek by Jo-Ann Mapson, and The Sunday Wife by Cassandra King.

I got a new portable DVD player for Christmas so I hope to watch a few movies in the next few days as well.

Well, I have today and tomorrow before I go back to work.  I had better get to reading and watching.


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