Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Coke and a Smile

On our recent trip to Georgia to visit family,  we went into downtown Atlanta to visit the World of Coca Cola.   It is the building in the front right of the picture.
The first thing you do is get your picture taken in front of some of the decorated bottles.  There are dozens of these bottles all over the museum.  Some of them are really cool.  Here are my husband and I, my daughter and her husband and their two daughters.

When you go inside the museum there is a huge room of Coke memorabilia where the guide gives a talk.  This picture is my daughter and her family listening to the talk.

Then you watch a cute little move and then move on into the museum.  There is a 7 foot tall polar bear waiting to take pictures.  Here are the girls: myself, my daughter and granddaughters.

Then we managed to talk my husband into a picture also.

Here are the granddaughters at the replica soda fountain.

Then there was a really fun 4-D movie.  The chairs rocked, we were splashed by water, wind blew on us and other surprises.  It was great.

We got to sit on the American Idol couch from the show.

Here we are with more Coke stuff.

 It was really a fun place.  We also saw the Coke being made and bottled.  The last room was the tasting room.  There were many self serve fountains, each from a different continent.  At each fountain you could taste samples of different Coca Cola products that are made and sold on that continent.  Some were very good and some were awful.  

Finally, on the way out everyone received a freshly brewed bottle of Coke to take home.  Of course you exit through the gift shop where you can purchase the photos that were taken during the tour and many other great Coke items.

It was a fun tour.  We had a great day.

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Just Mom said...

That looks like a lot of fun. My parents live in Atlanta so we visit there plenty but have never done this. Glad you had a good time!