Saturday, May 24, 2008

Still Here

I am still around. Just have been busy with the end of the school year stuff and my daughter's upcomming graduation. My last child is graduating high school. Yippeeeee!!! The kitchen is done and I will post pics of that soon. And an exciting vacation is in the works.

This is what I found on the back deck the other day. This swing was on the front deck last fall when a bad storm came through and several huge limbs blew off the tree in front and landed on the deck, taking out most of the rails and breaking the frame to this swing. Finally, my hubby fixed it and gave the frame a fresh coat of paint. The front deck still isn't fixed so the swing was placed on the back deck in the meantime. A few days later, after a day of strong winds, I found this in my back yard. I am not sure it is meant for me to have a porch swing. Luckily it was not damaged this time. But it was not easy to get it out of it's predicament.

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